About the Water System

Assembled system is typically mounted to a wall.

Our water treatment system has been installed in Thailand, Jamaica and Generic viagra fast delivery Haiti. At over 54,500 L per day, our system can serve thousands of people and can last 10 to 20 years. In short, the ten gallon per minute treatment process starts with the removal of large particulates by a ‘bag filter’, smaller particles are then removed by a 5-micron filter which is followed by a carbon filter. We now include a 0.02-micron ultrafiltration unit that removes any remaining particles. Ultrafiltration can remove bacteria andviruses, but we also disinfect the water with ultraviolet light. The system is shipped in two barrels that can then be used as either a settling tank or for storage of clean water. We include 2-years of supplies (replacement filters).  While we plan to provide clinics with maintenance supplies and technical support from Seattle, Sale Cytotec we hope to establish a partnership with a local clinic group or businesses. Installation is very simple and can be done in a couple of hours or less. We include a chlorine generation unit as well so users have the Cipro online usa option of Buy Cialis Super Force storing the water for longer periods of time. Once installed, the system requires approximately $2-$3 per day to Cheapest viagra prices operate. Our strategy is Viagra with no prescription to have the end-users (clinics or schools) fund these maintenance costs. The system also requires small amounts of power (approximately 200-W) and a minimum of 20 psi pressurized water. The system comes with 2-years of replacement parts. A reliable supply network within Haiti is being developed.


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